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Seeking for students at Widcombe Baptist Church to be rooted and built up in Christ. [Colossians 2:6‑7]

"Whether you are returning to Bath, or coming for the first time, we look forward to giving you a warm welcome in our services and at Grounded." Clover Todman (Pastor)

Students at Widcombe Baptist Church

We are really excited by the opportunities that you have as students to share the gospel. We believe that you serve the Church primarily when you’re at campus, in halls, on the sports field and involved with your university’s Christian Union.

So as your church, we see it as our responsibility to equip you each Sunday for the week ahead, so please come to both Sunday services (10:30am & 6:30pm) and to our student meetings (Grounded), after the morning service. At Grounded we have lunch together followed by a talk with discussion based on the Bible. We hope that by doing everything on Sunday, you’ll have the other days free to spend time with coursemates, housemates and teammates, building up friendships and sharing the Gospel.

We firmly believe that there is nothing more exciting, more wonderful and more satisfying than knowing Christ. Our desire is that everyone would come to know more of Christ and live for him more wholeheartedly as God's Spirit works in them.

What is Grounded all about?

For many people, coming to university is a time where you become more independent and make more of your own choices. It’s the time, whether intentionally or not, where you establish habits and patterns of thought which can stay with you for the rest of your life. So now is the perfect time to ask questions and find out more about who Jesus is and how that should change how we live, regardless if you're Christian or not, or are just not sure.

At Grounded, we want to encourage and equip you to be rooted and built up in Christ and his gospel, so you will walk with Him at university and for the rest of your lives. Our weekly meetings provide a time of mutual support, prayer and a discussion on a relevant theme. See the Year Outline for details on this Term’s Series, the Student Lunches and the Weekend Away.


Whilst you’re at Widcombe, we’d also encourage you to sign up for a one-to-one, so that you can meet up with a member of the church to look at the Bible together. We ourselves found this really beneficial when we were students as you’ll get to know an older Christian in the church and get to grow in their understanding of God and his Word.

Contact Details

If you have any questions about Grounded please get in touch with us through our email address