Transformed Youth Group

Transformed is about bringing young people together who want to be transformed by God.
For those who are already Christians, it’s about how you live the transformed life God wants you to live. For those who aren’t Christians, it’s about understanding why it’s so great to be transformed by God. Transformed meets on Friday evenings during term time.

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How will we do that?

We’ll look at what God has to say about himself, about the world and about you by looking through God’s Word, the Bible, and discussing it in a relaxed, informal way. We’ll spend time socially, getting to know each other better through lots of exciting activities and hopefully see what it means to live out a Christian life outside of a Bible study.

Why bother?

We believe that you can only know real, true and full life through knowing Jesus. We believe that Jesus paved the way for us to receive eternal life through his death and resurrection. This sacrifice was one of such amazing love that, whilst we can’t fully understand it, it makes us right with God. He offers this to us as a gift. So, we want to live our lives to the full in Jesus and want to help you to do so as well!

Who is it for?

Transformed is for anyone in school years 7 - 13. The talks, discussions and activities will all be aimed at this age group. We hope to adapt the style of the group to suit those who come.

Young people in years 7-11 are also invited to the Engage Group which meets during the Sunday morning service, whilst those in years 10-13 are invited to join Teenage Bible Study on a Sunday afternoon. We hope that Transformed will act as a stepping stone for many young people to look further into Christianity. Our aim is that Transformed is a group to which you feel you can bring friends, but also that it is for you as well. We want as many people as possible to hear about Jesus and Transformed is one of the ways we can do this, and help you to do this!

What happens on a typical Friday night?

We start at 7:30pm, normally meeting at Widcombe Baptist Church (WBC). We’ll start with a time for catching up, then get everyone involved in some games or other activities such as a bake off, a car treasure hunt or a big art project. We eat pudding together before getting into discussion groups – there will always be a choice of two discussions, both based in the Bible and exploring what God has to say on a range of topics. The evening will finish at 9:30pm unless we’ve told you otherwise in advance.

Contact Details

If you have any questions about Transformed please get in touch with us by emailing