Imagine Church

As a church we are challenged to see ourselves as a community of Jesus’ disciples, involved in the work of his kingdom wherever we are – together when we are in community [the ‘Gathered Church’] and when we are separated from one another [the ‘Scattered Church’].

As the ‘Scattered Church’ we are able to reach thousands of people with the gospel each week, many of whom might have no other contact with another disciple of Jesus. We have the opportunity to invest in the relationships we have with people and pray that, through our conversation and conduct, we can show them authentic Christianity. This means breaking down the concept of the sacred/secular divide and seeing our ‘front lines’ primarily as places where we can witness to Jesus.

As the ‘Gathered Church’ we have an amazing opportunity to equip and support one another to be effective disciples for Jesus on our ‘front lines’.

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LICC Publications:

  • Imagine Church
  • The Great Divide

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