Leadership Team

Who's Who at Widcombe Baptist Church

The leadership team comprises Pastors and Elders who are responsible for the teaching and pastoral needs of the church, and Deacons whose main task is the oversight of practical affairs of the church which are essential to its wellbeing.

The Pastors / Elders are:

  • Paul Mallard – Pastor
  • Clover Todman – Pastor
  • Alan Barnett – Elder
  • Ross Evans – Elder
  • Roger Henwood – Elder
  • Kevin Wiltshire – Elder
  • Alan Young – Elder

The Deacons are:

  • Andy Battle - Buildings and Music Deacon
  • Mery Elvira - Hospitality Deacon
  • David Bolton - Sunday Services Deacon
  • Christopher Bradley - Communication and Technology Deacon
  • Chris Hutchison - Church Treasurer