Pastoral Care

The pastoral care of members and congregation of the church is the responsibility of all but is particularly the responsibility of the Ministers, Elders and Home Group leaders. Alan Young presently oversees pastoral matters.

We encourage every member of the congregation to show practical concern to everybody else. This is one of the privileges and responsibilities of belonging to a family. Quite apart from this general level of care it is part of the function of the Home Groups to provide pastoral care and encouragement both to the members of each Home Group and to those within the orbit of each Home Group.

For those who are elderly and shut in we have a team that visits and who ensure that any specific practical needs of those who are visited are catered for.

From time to time members of the church and congregation have concerns which are of a more serious or confidential nature. In such circumstances the Elders will be pleased to be of assistance. They will provide a listening ear, will pray with those who have concerns and will give whatever advice they can to meet the specific concerns that are referred to them.