Home Groups

Our Home Groups are designed to complement our Sunday services, providing a place for you to share, receive and give.

Home Groups meet twice each month; usually on the first and third Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in each month (depending on the location of the Group). This does vary from time to time. Full details of venues and meeting dates can be obtained by ringing the Church Office.

One of the features of the Home Groups is the study of God's Word. The Home Group setting enables this to be undertaken in a less formal manner permitting the opportunity for discussion and interaction between members of the groups.

This provides an ideal opportunity for members of the Home Groups to learn from one another and to share their own experiences of how they have been able to apply God's Word in their individual circumstances.

The Home Groups provide an informal setting for prayer, Bible study, friendship, sharing and encouragement. From time to time social events are organized by the Home Groups.

The informal setting provides the ideal opportunity to learn together and discuss what God's Word is saying. Interaction is therefore encouraged. Such a setting provides an opportunity to get to know people more easily and enables group members to become part of the life of the fellowship more quickly. It also provides a means of mutual sharing and encouragement in all aspects of our life and witness.

The Home Groups assist in the support of the church's missionaries and are an important part of the pastoral ministry of the church.

Newcomers to the church are encouraged to link up with a Home Group as soon as possible. Information on Home Groups is provided at the church Welcome Desk on Sundays.