Youth Groups

On Friday evenings we have two clubs for young people in secondary school, and we’d love you to see you there! Transformed is for school years 7-9, and T2 is for school years 10-13.

Transformed Youth Group

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What is Transformed?

It’s a youth group for anyone in school years 7 – 9, on Friday evenings during term time.

Why is it called Transformed?

Simply – we believe if you meet God, you’ll be transformed. For those who are already Christians, it’s about how you live the transformed life God wants you to live. For those who aren’t Christians, it’s about understanding why it’s so great to be transformed by God.

We’ll look at what God has to say about himself, about the world and about you by looking through God’s Word, the Bible, and discussing it in a relaxed, informal way. We’ll spend time socially, getting to know each other better through lots of fun activities and hopefully see what it means to live out a Christian life.

Why bother?

We believe that you can only know real, true and full life through knowing Jesus. We believe that Jesus paved the way for us to receive eternal life through his death and resurrection. This sacrifice was one of such amazing love that, whilst we can’t fully understand it, it makes us right with God. He offers this to us as a gift. So, we want to live our lives to the full in Jesus and want to help you to do so as well!

What happens on a typical Friday night?

This is a bit harder to answer at the moment – what’s a typical Friday in 2020?!

If we’re able to meet in person, we have some time for catching up and maybe some games outside before coming together for a short talk about God, time to discuss what we’ve heard, snacks shared in a covid-safe way, and then our main activity for the evening – something like a quiz, a walk, a round of Mafia or a photo challenge. We follow the guidance for out of school settings (see here).

We usually have extra events through the year, such as bowling, trampolining, a sleepover in the church building, and Transformed camp in the summer, and we look forward to the time when we can resume these.

During lockdown, we meet on Video Conferencing from 8.00 pm to 9:15 pm. There’s an intro challenge, games, a short talk and discussion time (you just have to provide your own snacks!)

Come along and find out more!

Contact Details

If you have any questions about Transformed please get in touch with us by emailing


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T2 is a fun and relaxed group for young people in school years 10-13. Its organised and run by Christians from Widcombe Baptist Church (WBC), with the aim of providing a relaxed and safe place where the young people can have fun, enjoy friendships, and hear what Christians believe.

We start at 8:00 pm, normally meeting at WBC. We will start with a chilled time of catching up with drinks and snacks, followed by an organised game or activity such as a bake off, a car treasure hunt or wide games; then we’ll listen to a short talk considering life's deeper issues and about what the bible says, with an opportunity to discuss what we’ve heard afterwards. The evening will finish at 9:45 pm unless we’ve told you otherwise in advance.

We will occasionally have special events that might be held elsewhere, where we will do even more exciting and enjoyable things, but will inform you of these in advance.

It's a place to hang out with friends and meet new ones. We are always happy to see new faces so hope that you feel comfortable to invite other friends along too.

Absolutely anyone can come along (within the age range) - whatever your thoughts or beliefs about God. We hope that you feel comfortable to ask any questions and grow in awareness and understanding of the beliefs of others, and what it means to follow Jesus.

We can’t wait to see you at T2 this year!

Contact details - If you have any questions about T2 please get in touch with us: