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Spiritual Warfare - Ephesians 6:10-20
Sunday July 26th 2009 (Evening Service)
To God be the glory - Ephesians 3:21
Sunday February 8th 2009 (Evening Service)
Beyond imagination - Ephesians 3:20
Sunday January 11th 2009 (Evening Service)
Filled with the fullness of God - Ephesians 3:19
Sunday January 4th 2009 (Evening Service)
The Limitless Horizon - Ephesians 3 v17b-19a
Sunday November 30th 2008 (Evening Service)
Christ In Our Hearts - Ephesians 1 v16-23 & 3 v16-21
Sunday November 9th 2008 (Evening Service)
Power For Living - Ephesians 1 v17-23 & 3 v16-21
Sunday October 26th 2008 (Evening Service)
Spiritual Power - Ephesians 1 v17-23 & 3 v16-21
Sunday October 5th 2008 (Evening Service)
His Glorious Inheritance In The Saints - Ephesians 1 v18
Sunday September 21st 2008 (Evening Service)
Knowing Our Hope - Ephesians 1 v18
Sunday September 14th 2008 (Evening Service)
Knowing God - Ephesians 1 v13-22
Sunday September 7th 2008 (Evening Service)

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